Our expertise

During the last years we have undertaken a wide variety of projects, ranging from the UNIX server support for an European Internet Service Provider and several Swiss Banks, to the design of secure and high available network systems and infrastructure.

We are experienced in the analysis, design and implementation of telecommunication, network and security software products and infrastructure.

Many years in software development and project management gives us the means and skills to deliver complete and tailored mission critical applications and services on time and according to customer needs and expectations.

Our expertise covers a wide range of activities within the computer and associated industries:

  • Long years of System Administration and 3. Level UNIX Server Support for the huge server infrastructures of a European Internet Services Provider and several Swiss Banks.
  • Design, implementation and deployment of a highly secure next generation register in 3 tiers for the Swiss government, the Swiss Notary eRole Register, based on X509 certificates for digital contracts between digital identities owned by companies, notaries and citizens.
  • Design, implementation and deployment of a distributed trading system for a Swiss Bank's commodity trading division.
  • Design and development of high availabillity and redundancy cluster server products based on OSPF (RFC 2328) and Opaque LSAs (RFC 2370).
  • Implementation of a web based XML Phone Book Content Editor in PHP for one of the big Internet search machines.
  • Development of different database driven web applications for different clients using Perl, C, Java, Cocoon, XML together with the database backends MySQL, Oracle and Sybase.
  • Development of pure XML web applications using cutting edge XML markup languages like XHTML, XSL, XSLT, XSP, FO, SVG, SOAP, RDF, RSS, ESQL, XMLRPC and technologies like Beans, AxKit, Cocoon, JetSpeed with Java Servlet Containers and Java Application Servers.
  • Development of a reference implementation of x509 Attribute Certificates for Linux based on RFC 3281, programmed in C. Attribute certificates allow the binding of free customer choosen attributes to a specific public key certificate which in turn binds an identity to a specific public key.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of an ISDN to SIP gateway in C++ allowing phone calls from any ISDN network to an IP Phone on an arbitrary IP network.
  • Kernel modules and system driver development for various UNIX operating systems like Solaris, GNU Linux, NetBSD, NeXTStep and Ultrix.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of modern network protocols like MAC, IP (v4 + v6), TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ISIS, RSVP, SLIP, PPP, GRE, IPIP, H323, SIP, (S)RTP, (S)RTCP, (S)RTSP, SNMP, (E)SMTP, (S)IMAP, FTP, HTTP(S), IPSEC and techniques as ISDN, SS7, ATM, VoIP, ADSL, SDSL, Ethernet and many more ...
  • Wide experience in modern programming languages like C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Pascal, Modula, Oberon, Occam, LISP, SQL, x86 and MIPS Assembler.
  • Research and publications in Active Networking and Router Architecture design and development.
  • Hands-on experience in Project Management using modern software development techniques such as the Unified Process and the model language UML.
  • Consulting and deployment of full computer system software and infrastructural solutions: Tailored hardware with customized third party software exactly according to the client's needs.
  • On-Call Windows and UNIX remote support of systems and networks for a wide variety of customers ranging from Swiss Banks to private clients.

Furthermore we are actively developing for the Open Source community.

We contributed to the Gentoo Linux Distribution as well as to Zebra and it's successor the multi protocol routing daemon Quagga.

While doing a lot of research and professional development we implemented several free Open Source projects.