Our products

DataCore offers a wide range of products which can be roughly classified into the following main categories:
  • IT Support

    We provide different sorts of IT support for small and middle companies as well as enterprises. Our long years of experience in system administration for big and medium sized enterprises provides you with the assurances that your infrastructure, consisting of Unix servers, routers and Unix and Windows client farms are in competent hands with us.

  • Digital Services

    Our services include most Internet services needed by our customers. Our broad knowledge of Internet protocols and Internet services guarantees that our services are built from modern components providing a high quality and interruption free highly available platform for our services.

  • IT Consultancy

    Based on our long term experience, we are able to provide you with high quality service for the various applications of IT in your cooperate infrastructure. We analyze, design, implement and support your IT projects and infrastructure and help you reach your targets on time. With our competent knowledge of modern operating systems, programming languages and software products we can assist you in all your critical IT projects.

  • Development

    The comprehensive knowledge of modern network protocols, the wide experience in modern programming languages and the long year experience of staff ensures that our development projects get delivered complete and on time and according to our customer needs and expectations.